Welcome to Froment Free!

Here at Froment Free, our mission is to provide helpful information, recipes, and resources to make living a gluten free lifestyle easy and enjoyable. Going gluten free can seem overwhelming at first, but with the right tools and community support, it quickly becomes second nature.

My name is Ashley, and I started this website in 2020 after my own journey of being diagnosed with celiac disease. As someone who loved bread, pasta, and baked goods, I never thought I could enjoy food again after giving up gluten. How wrong I was! The gluten free world has exploded with so many delicious options in recent years. Although I still miss my old favorites from time to time, I have discovered so many new gluten free recipes that I love just as much, if not more.

Transitioning to a gluten free diet was a major life change for me. Not only did I have to learn to cook and bake with new ingredients, I had to learn how to navigate a world full of hidden gluten. Dining out, travel, social events, holidays, you name it, all required more planning and precautions. It took time to adjust, but now it feels like second nature. I started Froment Free to share all the tips, tricks, and lessons I’ve learned over the years in hopes of shortening the learning curve for others.

At Froment Free, you’ll find:

-Gluten free recipes – From quick weeknight meals to show-stopping desserts, we’ve got hundreds of easy, tasty recipes made without gluten-containing ingredients. You’ll never feel deprived!

-Meal plans and grocery lists – Take the guesswork out of going gluten free with our weekly meal plans complete with grocery lists to make shopping a breeze.

-Tips for a gluten free kitchen – Learn how to stock your kitchen, avoid cross-contamination, and use handy cooking substitutions to make gluten free cooking foolproof.

-Dining out guide – Our guide will walk you through how to eat gluten free at restaurants and handle travel so you can still dine out and travel safely on a gluten free diet.

-Latest gluten free product recommendations – We’re always testing out new gluten free products and sharing our faves. You’ll discover great store-bought snacks, baking mixes, pastas and more.

-Educational articles – Get in-depth information on living with and managing celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Learn how to handle holidays, celebrations, family gatherings and every other social situation imaginable.

-Kid-friendly content – Raising kids on a gluten free diet has its own unique challenges. We offer school lunch ideas, birthday party tips, snack recommendations and more to make it easier.

-Support community – Connect with our community of others living a gluten free lifestyle through comments and forums. You’ll find great conversations and be able to ask questions to help you navigate your journey.

Going gluten free has been one of the most unexpectedly positive changes in my life. Although it was medically necessary for me, I’ve discovered this “diet” that I dreaded actually opened me up to a whole new world of innovative, nourishing foods and health. I have more energy, less GI issues, and feel better than ever. My mission with Froment Free is to help others transition smoothly so they can start feeling those same benefits quickly.

I know going gluten free can be overwhelming in the beginning. I aim to provide all the information you need in one place to simplify the transition. Consider this website your gluten free starter kit and home base. Come here first for recipes, how-tos, product recommendations, or when you have questions about living this lifestyle. My hope is that Froment Free can be a trusted resource to turn to and find community as you learn to navigate the gluten free world.

If there are ever topics you would like to see covered or questions I can help answer, please contact me! I try to regularly update the site with new and helpful information. Going gluten free is an ongoing learning process as ingredient labels change, new products become available, and cutting edge research reveals more ways gluten can harm health. This website will continue to evolve and expand right along with the gluten free lifestyle.

Thank you for visiting Froment Free! Whether you are gluten free yourself or simply cooking for someone who is, I’m glad you’re here. Wishing you many delicious gluten free meals ahead!

Ashley Spears